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Life is fast and dynamic, hence no one is even ready to think, whether the weather affects his/her life?

Delhi Weather

The Delhi weather and climatic conditions are highly influenced by the subtropical climatic conditions, which is highly affected by the monsoon winds. It experiences an extreme weather, both in summer and in winter. Both are extreme, the summer is really hot with an average temperature of 32 degree Celsius, i.e 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The summer starts in the early April and would be at the peak in the month of May, sometimes with a temperature shooting up to 114 degree Fahrenheit. The winter starts in late November and would last until the February end. The Delhi climate is known for its foggy conditions in the winter, due to this more or less most of the flight timings would be delayed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. It also affects all kind of transports, say railways, roadways, and other means of public transports, as the visibility would be affected to a great extent, and only very little could be seen, thereby it completely effects the normal life.

The aviation operations would be seriously affected, especially the flights that are scheduled to hill stations from the Delhi airport, such as, Kulu Manali, Shimla, Haryana, Chandigarh, etc… would be delayed drastically. Sometimes, it ends up in the cancellation of the flights, due to extreme bad weather and climatic conditions. During the winter, the temperature drops to as low as possible, i.e. around 12 to 13 degree Celsius. The monsoon weather starts to breeze from the month of July and would last, until the month of October. The climatic conditions of Delhi have put the city under the threat of earthquakes, even though it is not frequently affected, but if affected the post consequences are really severe. The monsoon weather would in general results in a pleasant weather conditions, thereby doesn’t bring too much of rainy seasons to Delhi. The Delhi weather has got the hot summer, cold winter and medium monsoon weather too, hence it is a mixed combinations of climatic conditions. The city also witnesses some abnormal climatic changes like acid rain, which is caused majorly by the drastic effects of pollution too.

Factors Influencing the Delhi Climate

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